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Social network password practices by employees
put your workplace at risk

“Employee Social Network Password Practices a Major Workplace Risk”

Thycotic’s annual survey of participants at the February 2017 RSA Conference in San Francisco, revealed some startling and disturbing insights into the social network habits of security professionals (and likely their fellow employees).


said they have not changed social network passwords in more than a year



have never changed their social media passwords at all!

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Millions of employees using social media accounts represent a major workplace risk if/when those accounts are compromised.  Once hacked, a social network account can easily provide access to information that gives hackers access to other facets of users’ lives, such as their work computers and email accounts.

To make matters worse, large social networks don’t remind or make clear to users the risks associated with weak passwords, or never changing their passwords. In fact, new social network platforms allow for a single logon that is linked to multiple social media accounts so that users can avoid having to remember multiple passwords for multiple accounts.

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