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Whitepaper - Privileged Access Governance


Privileged Access Governance

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“As the market’s first Privileged Access Governance service, Thycotic Account Lifecycle Manager presents the potential to meet the ever-increasing demand of organizations for managing privileged account lifecycle events in a more organized and compliant manner.”

– Anmol Singh – Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole

Amol Singh

Within the paper, you’ll learn tactics IT teams are using to manage privileged role governance today.

You’ll understand the shortfalls of IAM/IGA and SIEM tools to govern non-human service accounts and prevent insecure service account sprawl. And, you’ll see how a new generation of automated Privileged Access Governance solutions can help you to implement key governance activities such as:

  • Initiate governance when new privileged accounts and applications are onboarded
  • Set up privileged account ownership and management from the start
  • Make sure new privileged accounts conform to foundational security guidelines such as password rotation and expiration
  • Assign privileges for service accounts on a least privilege basis
  • Track privileged accounts across the lifecycle to highlight policy violations and avoid orphaned accounts
  • Set up approval and remediation workflows for privileged accounts
  • Conduct privileged access reconciliations to confirm users only have rights necessary

Privileged Account Discovery,
Provisioning & Protection

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Secret Server

Discover privileged accounts, vault credentials, govern service accounts, delegate access, monitor and record sessions.

Easiest to use and fastest to deploy enterprise-grade privileged access management & governance for organizations of all sizes, with on premise or cloud deployment.

Endpoint Privilege Elevation
& Application Control


Privilege Manager

All-in-one solution for least privilege management, threat intelligence, and application whitelisting, greylisting, and blacklisting.

Seamless adoption for security teams, help desk support, and business users, because productivity is never impacted.

High Velocity Secrets Mgmt. For Applications & DevOps

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DevOps Secrets Vault

High velocity vault for high-speed secrets creation, archiving, retrieval, and rotation.

Reduce privilege account sprawl, harden privileged attack surface and reduce risk of successful attack without sacrificing DevOps speed, agility or productivity.