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Whitepaper - Privileged Access Governance


Privileged Access Governance

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“As the market’s first Privileged Access Governance service, Thycotic Account Lifecycle Manager presents the potential to meet the ever-increasing demand of organizations for managing privileged account lifecycle events in a more organized and compliant manner.”

– Anmol Singh – Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole

Amol Singh

Within the paper, you’ll learn tactics IT teams are using to manage privileged role governance today.

You’ll understand the shortfalls of IAM/IGA and SIEM tools to govern non-human service accounts and prevent insecure service account sprawl. And, you’ll see how a new generation of automated Privileged Access Governance solutions can help you to implement key governance activities such as:

  • Initiate governance when new privileged accounts and applications are onboarded
  • Set up privileged account ownership and management from the start
  • Make sure new privileged accounts conform to foundational security guidelines such as password rotation and expiration
  • Assign privileges for service accounts on a least privilege basis
  • Track privileged accounts across the lifecycle to highlight policy violations and avoid orphaned accounts
  • Set up approval and remediation workflows for privileged accounts
  • Conduct privileged access reconciliations to confirm users only have rights necessary

Privileged Access

Discover, Vault

Secret Server

Secret Server

  • Secrets Management
  • Privileged Account Discovery
  • Privileged Session Management
Database Access Controller

Database Access

  • MFA for Database Access

Sensitive Code

Provision, Decommission

Account Lifecycle Manager

Account Lifecycle

  • Non-Human Account /
    Access Management
  • Service Account Governance
DevOps Secrets Vault

DevOps Secrets

  • High Velocity Secrets Management

Cloud Access

Authenticate, Audit

Cloud Access Controller

Cloud Access

  • IaaS & SaaS Apps
  • Granular Role Based Access Control
Remote Access Controller

Remote Access

  • Secure Browser Connection
  • Access Control for Remote Workers

Lock Down

Elevate, Enforce

Privilege Manager

Privilege Manager

  • Endpoint Privilege Elevation
  • Least Privilege Enforcement
  • Application Access Control

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