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“If you don’t have good privileged account management,
attackers can take your credentials and start acting like a trusted user.”

– Dave Shackleford, cybersecurity expert at IANS

Top Password Management Software:
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Thycotic and IANS Research
“Privileged Users and Data Breaches:
A Match Made in Heaven?”

In a recent IANS Research study by Dave Shackleford, 87% of information security
professionals surveyed said their organizations were impacted by privileged account
abuse and misuse ultimately resulting in a data breach. With so many attacks targeting
privileged users and account credentials, privileged user monitoring and management
is gaining fast attention by organizations looking to mitigate risk.

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A clear choice: Thycotic Secret Server
for your Privileged Account Management Solution

KuppingerCole Analyst Report:
“From the KuppingerCole perspective, Thycotic Secret Server is a clear pick when selecting a Privileged Account Management solution. It is of particular interest when competitive pricing, rapid deployment, and short time to value are required, while also supporting a variety of complex and specialized enterprise use cases.”

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KuppingerCole White Paper - Protecting the keys to your kingdom against cyber-attacks and insider threats

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“Protecting the keys to your kingdom
against cyber-attacks and insider threats”

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“Thycotic leaped ahead of CyberArk and the rest of the
privileged access security sector based on their market traction
and best in class products.”– Steve Morgan, CEO CyberSecurity Ventures

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451 Research Report
With the ability to quickly spin up a new instance, Secret Server Cloud bolsters Thycotic’s reputation for ease of use and rapid deployment that resonates with many customers, particularly in the midmarket, but also for larger organizations.

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IDC Technology Spotlight
Security tools don’t need to be cumbersome – they can be efficient and secure if done correctly. Thycotic has made this a major goal of their product strategy, thereby improving the admin’s job satisfaction and productivity. We believe Thycotic is one of the few companies to understand PAM is an elastic combination of seamless integration, simplicity, and automation that enhances compliance and security.

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IDC Report - Can Security Make IT More Productive?

computing security review:
“Privileged accounts are the crown jewels of a business and must be protected at all costs to avoid potentially disastrous data breaches. Secret Server is an ideal solution, as it can be deployed in minutes and provides a powerful set of tools for regulatory compliant password management”

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Computing Security - Secret Server Review

How CISOs can win a seat at the table with The Board of Directors
Cyber security threats are a major concern for Board of Directors which gives CISOs an opportunity to raise their visibility and influence at the highest levels. Find out what it takes to move beyond simply protecting information assets to a larger role in helping to grow your business.

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