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Here’s what the experts are saying about Thycotic

…rapid implementation and easy use with a broad and deep set of functionality at the enterprise level.

…seamless integration, simplicity, and automation that enhances compliance and security.

…the hot mover-and-shaker in this space right now, driven by rave reviews from their customers.

…focus on enterprise scalability and manageability provides the appropriate mix for the large enterprise…

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“Thycotic with its Secret Server product is one of the leading providers of Privilege Account Management solutions, delivering a product that is focused on rapid implementation and easy use while covering both a broad and deep set of functionality at the enterprise level.”

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“Thycotic provides a suite of award winning, easy-to-use password management software with powerful encryption for business of all sizes including major corporations. Thycotic is the hot mover-and-shaker in this space right now – driven by rave reviews from their customers.”

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“Thycotic Secret Server seems to strike the right balance between being operationally friendly to run and offering sufficient, easy-to-access, features to cater for the advanced user base. The ability for existing resources to tweak and optimise the product offers cost benefits as an organisation does not have to turn to cost prohibitive professional services for minor configuration requests.”

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“Thycotic’s Secret Server is an elegant solution for managing and auditing privileged account access. It uses a hardened vault to store account details, keys and certificates, provides privileged account discovery and augments them with fully automated password rotation enforcement.”

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“We believe that Thycotic is one of the few PAM companies that understand that PAM is an elastic combination of seamless integration, simplicity, and automation that enhances compliance and security.”

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“Thycotic has done a nice job expanding its tool kit and addressable markets. PBA saves IT admins hours of manual labor that would be required to sort through thousands of logs to find evidence of unusual behavior, at which point attackers are generally long gone.”


“If you plan to implement PAM, or are considering replacing a platform that is particularly onerous in capex or opex terms, Thycotic should definitely be considered, particularly as Secret Server can be acquired as either on-premise software or as SaaS.”


“From the KuppingerCole perspective, Thycotic Secret Server is a clear pick for further evaluation when selecting a Privileged Account Management solution. It is of particular interest when competitive pricing, rapid deployment, and short time to value are required, while also supporting a variety of complex and specialized enterprise use cases.”

Secure Passwords and
privileged accounts with
Secret Server

Thycotic Secret Server gives you the simplest, easiest and most affordable way to discover, secure and manage privileged account passwords across your enterprise.

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Protect Your Endpoints and
Control Access with
Privilege Manager

Thycotic Privilege Manager for Windows protects endpoints from malware and enforce least privilege policies to shield applications and systems from malicious access.

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“Thycotic leaped ahead of CyberArk and the rest of the privileged access security sector based on their market traction and best in class products.”– Steve Morgan, CEO CyberSecurity Ventures

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