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Video: Least privilege and privileged access management. What is their role in enterprise cyber security today?

Listen to a lively conversation about least privilege, privileged access management, and how both must have a place in modern enterprise cyber security practices. Joseph Carson, Thycotic’s CSS and CISO Advisor, and Aidan Simister, CEO of Lepide chat about about this, and the future role of the CISO.

“[Data security] comes down to identifying what data makes your organization valuable, doing a data impact assessment on that data, and then deciding what security controls you have to apply to those; you may have things that require you to be compliant. Organizations need to understand what's critical to keep them going. Today, the CISO needs to be move business-focused. Their job is to make sure the business is successful, using their cyber security knowledge to reduce the cyber risk. In the past the CISO has done more pushing, more enforcement, but in future CISOs will need to align themselves with business success.”