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Secure your Windows servers and workstations with Thycotic Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions

WHAT’s the challenge?

Microsoft Windows privileged accounts, including admin accounts, Active Directory service accounts, and domain admin accounts are prime targets for outside hackers and malicious insiders seeking to escalate privileges once endpoints are compromised.

WHY it’s important

Undiscovered and unprotected Windows privileged accounts and vulnerable endpoints are everywhere on servers and desktops throughout organizations worldwide. They represent one of the most significant attack surface vulnerabilities of IT systems.

HOW we solve it

Thycotic provides comprehensive Privileged Account and Endpoint Security solutions for Windows environments that secure privileged account passwords and lock down applications, endpoints and OS configurations.

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Privileged accounts on a network are prime targets for exploitation, whether it be from an outside attack or an insider with unsavory motives. Microsoft Windows has three kinds of privileged accounts: Windows local administrator accounts, Active Directory service accounts, and domain admin accounts.

Sharing Windows local administrator accounts creates major risks

Windows local admin accounts are a security problem for every organization because one set of login credentials is typically used by many IT administrators. This can make it difficult or even impossible to implement an identity access management policy because organizations cannot track who is gaining access to what network equipment at any given time. These accounts are everywhere – Windows workstations, servers, and even your laptop fleet.

Finding all of the Windows local administrator accounts is a challenge, especially as new machines are rapidly deployed in virtual environments. These accounts are especially important because they are the prime target for an attacker who breaches the network. Once the attacker breaks the admin password, he can re-use the password to breach other machines on the network. Therefore, these passwords must be randomized, changed regularly to prevent attacks, and usage needs to be carefully controlled and attributed to the correct user through audit trails.

Active Directory domain admin accounts vulnerable to attacks

Windows server administrators need to use domain admin (DA) accounts to perform standard administrative tasks. Ideally, AD domain admin accounts should only be used when privilege is required (admins should not run as a domain admin for their regular AD account) and they should only be used by a single administrator for accountability. Also, these accounts are highly susceptible to Pass-the-Hash attacks because their passwords are not frequently changed. Pass the Hash is when an adversary can use the password hash from a previous domain admin logon to emulate that user on other systems. This gives attackers domain admin access across the network. To protect these accounts, privilege management is very important. Access should be controlled and audited, and passwords must be changed frequently to prevent Pass the Hash attacks – ideally after each usage of the account.

Thycotic Secret Server software can find Windows privileged accounts through discovery, and enforce password complexity and automatic password changing on a scheduled basis. Pass-the-Hash attacks can be prevented by using Check Out for Domain Admin accounts.

  • Create, share, and automatically change enterprise passwords. Assign user permissions at any level, and track password usage with full audit reports. Organize secrets in intuitive nested folders and do it all through a simple, customizable dashboard.
  • Ensure multiple top-level security layers essential for agency-wide password management. With Secret Server, you get them all: AES 256 encryption, two-factor authentication, 100-character passwords, custom workflow approvals, active session monitoring, SIEM integration, and more.
  • Notify your team in real time when you change network passwords, craft your own Password Changers, and customize your alerts. Credentials are always up-to-date, and you’ll know immediately when an administrator changes a password.
  • Meet compliance mandates around agency privileged account password requirements. Use Secret Server to help your organization demonstrate compliance.

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Endpoint security for
Servers and Desktops

Lock down your Windows & Mac applications and endpoints

Organizations today need to lock down desktops for better security, stability, and lower management costs. That means removing IT admin privileges available to business users to lower risk, and limiting privileges for IT admins to improve security. The powerful combination of Thycotic endpoint security solutions for Windows help ensure that you can stop malware attacks at the end-point to limit an attacker’s ability to move beyond their initial point of entry.

90% of Advanced Persistent Threat breaches involve stolen credentials.

– Mandiant

Thycotic helps stop endpoint exploits such as malware and ransomware across your Windows & Mac environments

  • Provides comprehensive endpoint privilege management and security solutions.
  • Assures least privilege application control.
  • Enables administrative user group management.
  • Delivers security compliance remediation.

Thycotic Privilege Manager

Provides a policy-driven solution to manage and secure software privileges and control application rights. You get real time threat analysis with automated notifications to reduce the risk posed by zero-day attacks and other malware.

  • Discovery and analyze applications to determine which require admin privileges.
  • Grant privileges when needed to trusted applications and empower business users to do basic system tasks like add a printer or set their clock.
  • Get flexible allowlisting that allows only trusted applications to run and in specific context.
  • Take advantage of greylisting with real-time application threat analysis.

More than 60% of ALL Microsoft vulnerabilities could be mitigated by removing admin rights.

Delivers centralized configuration of local administrative users, groups, and security settings.
Local Security Solution enables you to:

  • Implement a least privilege security strategy across your endpoints.
  • Reduce the risk of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), drive-by download attacks, and zero-day attacks.
  • Assure business users can be productive while staying protected.

Key advantages with Thycotic security solutions for Windows & Mac

  • Reduce Risks – Protect your endpoints across the enterprise from malware escalation, malicious insiders, and cyber-threats.
  • Reduce Costs – Leading analyst firm indicates savings of more than $650 per computer per year when implementing a well-managed and locked down endpoint security strategy.
  • Demonstrate compliance – Helps satisfy requirements to meet security policy mandates and pass audits, saving time and effort.