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Lock down your Windows OS configurations with Thycotic Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions

WHAT’s the challenge

The default install of Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is only 40% compliant with industry security standards, posing a significant risk of outside hackers and malicious insiders gaining unauthorized access to privileged accounts.

WHY it’s important

Undiscovered and unprotected Windows privileged accounts are everywhere on servers and desktops throughout organizations worldwide. They represent one of the most significant attack surface vulnerabilities of IT systems.

HOW we solve it

Thycotic provides comprehensive Privileged Access Management and Security solutions for Windows environments that secure privileged account passwords and lock down applications, endpoints, and OS configurations.

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Thycotic Security Analysis Solution

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More than 80% of critical vulnerabilities affecting Windows operating systems could be mitigated by removing admin rights


Organizations today must develop more secure and stable IT environments by ensuring their Windows OS configurations are fully secured and up to date. Compliance audits, for example, typically focus on exposing Windows OS vulnerabilities. You need to be prepared by discovering and remediating misconfigurations throughout your network.

Thycotic Security Analysis Solution enables you to conduct a standards-based security configuration assessment for Windows. Then, automatically implement predefined and customizable remediation actions to assure security and demonstrate compliance for your Windows endpoints.

Reduce risks from Zero-Day attacks, demonstrate compliance

This comprehensive OS configuration security solution provides standards-based security configuration assessment with predefined and customizable remediation actions that help you automate compliance.

  • Discover security misconfigurations in Windows OS.
  • Produce OS configuration audits and reports based on industry accepted standards (SCAP).
  • Address vulnerabilities (post-audit) through immediate and automated remediation.
  • Reduce risk of breaches and meet compliance mandates.
  • Meet PCI compliance and other industry-specific security policy requirements.

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Privilege Manager

Provides a policy-driven solution to manage and enforce least privilege without impacting user productivity by also including application control. You get security through least privilege policy enforcement and real time application threat analysis with automated notifications to reduce the risk posed by zero-day attacks and other malware.

  • Implement a least privilege security strategy across your endpoints.
  • Reduce the risk of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), drive-by download attacks and zero-day attacks.
  • Assure business users can be productive while staying protected.
  • Analyze applications to determine which require admin privileges.
  • Grant privileges when needed to trusted applications and empower business users to do basic system tasks like add a printer or set their clock.
  • Get flexible Whitelisting that allows only trusted applications to run and in specific context.
  • Take advantage of Greylisting with real-time application threat analysis.

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