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Over 4 million patient records were breached in 2016 in the United States alone.

Thycotic helps hospitals and other healthcare organizations protect and secure access to electronic protected health information (E-PHI) and protect against ransomware.

WHAT’s the challenge

Hospitals and healthcare institutions are prime targets for ransomware attacks, cyber security breaches and malware exploits that seek to capture or compromise patient data. Up to 80% of all breaches today involve compromised user and privileged account passwords.

WHY it’s important

Recent hospital ransomware payouts total hundreds of thousands of dollars, besides the potential for substantial fines for HIPAA regulation violations in the event patient data is stolen or exposed.

HOW we solve it

Thycotic provides hospitals and healthcare institutions with Privileged Account Management solutions that secure privileged account passwords, and lock down applications, endpoints and OS configurations.

See how Thycotic Privileged Account Management (PAM) security solutions help protect hospitals against ransomware while meeting compliance requirements.

HIPAA Part 164 Subpart C Can Help Meet
164.308(a)(1) Security Management Process
164.308(a)(3) Workforce Security
164.308(a)(4) Information Access Management
164.308(a)(5) Security Awareness and Training
164.308(a)(6) Security Incident Procedures
164.308(a)(7) Contingency Plans
164.312(a)(1) Access Control
164.312(b) Audit Controls
164.312(d) Person or Entity Authentication

Thycotic can help your organization meet HIPAA requirements, with a primary focus on Part 164 “Privacy and Security” in healthcare.

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Make patient data protection a top priority

An effective privileged access management strategy is necessary to protect patient data stored in electronic records. Managing access to thousands of devices, servers, and applications housing PII on your network can be time consuming and often labor intensive. Privileged users on your IT team must be actively managed and have strong, granular access controls to shared accounts based on their role within your healthcare organization. With these added protections, you will know who is accessing each account, can automatically change network passwords, and will have full audit logs to document password compliance.

Protect PII at its core: Privileged Account Management for healthcare IT admins

As hospital ransomware attacks and other data security breaches become more prevalent, healthcare IT must place immediate controls around the attacker’s prime target – databases containing PII. To do this, IT’s main line of defense is protecting privileged accounts and their passwords. By gaining unauthorized access to just one privileged account (such as a domain administrator account), attackers can quickly assume the identity of a “trusted insider,” scale the hospital network, and infiltrate data. Privileged accounts are difficult to manage manually because they are non-human accounts and are often shared among many on an IT team.

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Founded in 1904, Wentworth-Douglass (WD) Hospital is one of the largest acute care hospitals in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Protecting patient data has always been one of the hospital’s top priorities, and a crucial part of its security strategy focuses on preventing hackers from gaining access to passwords for privileged accounts.

MEDNAX, Inc. is the nation’s leading provider of neonatal, maternal-fetal and pediatric physician subspecialty services as well as anesthesia services. The medical group runs practices across the U.S., with staffs ranging from 10-300 people at each location. Through its affiliated professional corporations, MEDNAX employs more than 2,200 physicians in 34 states and Puerto Rico.

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Failure to Secure Healthcare: The State of Privileged Account Management

Read the results of this Benchmark Global Survey that shows Privileged Account Management a top security priority but failing in enforcement.

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Thycotic Privilege Manager for Windows protects endpoints from malware and enforce least privilege policies to shield applications and systems from malicious access.

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