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Make sure hackers can’t use privileged credentials to exploit confidential healthcare data and systems.

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Hackers are after patient data: names, social security numbers, medical records and payment details.

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Cyber attacks on healthcare lead to fines, lawsuits, and complex and expensive clean up.

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Proactive privilege management keeps ePHI and healthcare systems safe from cyber exploits.

Electric personal health information (e-phi) is more valuable on the black market than credit card numbers. Cyber attacks against hospitals and other healthcare companies is rising as criminals become more sophisticated at developing ransomware and using social engineering to steal passwords and confidential patient data.

How do hackers use privileges to steal ePHI?

Healthcare technology, such as electronic medical records systems, allows privileged users access to confidential data. Any user or system with the right credentials can authenticate and manipulate protected healthcare data.

Insider threats – both malicious and accidental – put e-PHI at risk. Connected systems without the right security controls allow hackers to steal passwords and circulate throughout your IT environment, disguised as privileged users.

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Ransomware attacks on healthcare are on the rise

Healthcare: Security Policy Template

Privileged account credentials are a prime target of hackers, so it’s critical that you put password protection policies in place to prevent unauthorized access and demonstrate security compliance.

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Failure to Secure Healthcare: The State of Privileged Account Management

Healthcare organizations struggle to enforce privilege management, according to Thycotic’s global survey.

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