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Extend Privileged Access Protection to DevOps with Secret Server SDK

Secret Server SDK removes hardcoded passwords, secures privileged accounts, and meets compliance requirements—without impacting DevOps workflow

WHAT’s the challenge?

Highly agile DevOps teams need to protect privileged account credentials in built scripts and configuration files, to increase security without hindering their development and deployment schedules.

WHY it’s important

Unsecured privileged accounts in code represent a major vulnerability, as privileged accounts are responsible in 80% of breaches and allow hackers or malicious insiders to access critical data and systems.

HOW we solve it

You can ensure the same robust level of privileged account protection for DevOps applications, scripts, and infrastructure across the software development life cycle that you get from Secret Server’s Privileged Account Management software.

Protect privileged accounts while maintaining the speed and scale DevOps teams demand

  • Discover and removes hardcoded passwords from code.
  • Provide unique accounts and credentials to containers and services.
  • Avoid using insecure repositories where those secrets can be hijacked and exploited.
  • Readily integrate PAM security across each tool in the DevOps toolchain.
  • Scale on demand to meet dynamic, rapidly changing needs with maximum resiliency.

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“Securing access for agile DevOps Teams: Privileged Account Management (PAM) as Code”

See how Secret Server SDK can help secure privileged credentials in DevOps environments without impacting productivity.

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Secret Server SDK enables scripts and applications to authenticate and run securely without using hard-coded passwords.

Secret Server SDK helps deliver all these key security, development, and operations benefits

Team Advantages

  • Extend enterprise-grade privileged account protection to DevOps.
  • Effectively manage policies and credential usage from a single tool with unified view.
  • Enable usage logging and behavior monitoring to detect and respond to threats faster, preventing escalation of privileges.
  • Demonstrate compliance with automated reports.
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Team Advantages

  • No need to set up or learn a new tool to ensure privilege account protection.
  • Get privileges on demand to code, configure, build, test, verify, deploy, and manage applications – without relying on risky hardcoded or shared passwords.
  • Extend credential protection to any DevOps tool.
  • Avoid building credentialing tools in-house, or downloading open source free tools associated with increased risks and vulnerabilities.

Team Advantages

  • Readily scale to meet rapidly changing needs, securing credentials for any new environment, operating system, anytime, anywhere.
  • Cache credentials so that high volume calls, from applications to databases and other applications, occur at lightning speed – 10x faster than calling a web service.
  • Deliver maximum resiliency and guaranteed uptime, with credentials stored in the application itself.
  • Assure your operating environment stays healthy and secure with logging and monitoring insights.

thycotic protects adobe

“Thycotic gives us the confidence that our
privileged credentials are protected and backed by
a highly responsive support team.”

— Nay Doummar, Cloud Operations Engineer, Adobe

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