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The Crisis in Cybersecurity Breaches

Logo Wannacry

300,000+ Computers

In May of 2017, WannaCry ransomware attacked hundreds of thousands of targets worldwide, including public utilities and large corporations and temporarily crippled National Health Service hospitals and facilities in the UK.

Source: Wired
Logo Equifax

143 Million Consumers

Equifax reported a major cybersecurity incident affecting 143 million consumers in the US, along with some customers in the UK and Canada

Source: Techworld
Logo Unicredit

400,000+ client accounts

Hackers took biographical and loan data from 400,000 client accounts at UniCredit SpA, Italy’s No. 1 bank in 2016

Source: Bloomberg

The Cost of cybersecurity Breaches

Piggy Bank

$7M Total

average total cost of
data breach today

Arrow - increase in breaches

7% Increase

annually in total cost of
data breach

Hacker! Strong privileged access management stops hackers from accessing your sensitive information

$221 Each

average cost per loss
of stolen record

Source: 2016 Cost of Data Beach Study: United States

of breaches

leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords.

Source: 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report – Verizon
2017 Data Breach Investigations Report – Verizon

 hackers want the
keys to your kingdom:


One-third of Hackers Say:
Accessing privileged accounts is the the easiest and fastest way to hack your systems

Source: 2017 Black Hat Hacker Survey

Industry cybersecurity compliance standards

have recently been updated to focus on the growing risks to privileged account access!

Once Compromised,
Privileged Accounts are
the Gateway to Everything

Obtain access to regular employee’s computer.

Look for vulnerabilities to obtain other accounts.

Leverage standard accounts to control an administrative account.

Use low level admin account to compromise high level admin account.

Control access to critical systems – Domain Control, AD, Servers.

Create unknown backdoor accounts.

Use a high level admin account to access Security groups, devices, end-user machine, file and application servers, data center servers, databases, customer and financial records, user accounts, and VPN access.

Remove data from organization without them knowing. Using an account the attacker created, that all systems believe is real – no alerts are set off.

What You Can Do Now to Protect Yourself

Secure Passwords for Privileged Accounts

Protect Endpoints with Least Privilege

Control Access across the Enterprise

Discover, control, protect, and monitor privileged accounts, access, and behavior while controlling endpoint privileges.

privileged account

Least Privilege

Privileged behavior

Get smart about Cybersecurity with this quick read

Fast, easy read to get up to speed on Privileged Account Management (PAM) security basics