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Switching PAM Solutions

Switching from outdated password management solutions

Outdated password management systems often utilize hardware appliances or require heavy professional services to deploy, maintain and upgrade. With today’s solutions, even the largest Privileged Account Management deployment can be done without the need for appliances and bulky professional services contracts.

Reduce network maintenance costs

Legacy enterprise systems may have excessive human resource requirements, whereas the typical Secret Server Password Management Software customer spends less than 0.05 FTE maintaining the system. Upgrades are fast and can be completed in minutes. With over 100,000 IT admins using Secret Server worldwide and tiered implementation options, it is the best password management solution for small teams to large enterprises.

Migration is seamless

Secret Server customers can leverage several automated migration tools, including data import through CSV, Excel, XML and even API. Identity access management solutions do not have to rely on professional services to install or configure. Secret Server is well known for its intuitive user interface and strong adoption rates. Professional services are available for a personalized experience, as is the option for self-service training courses to streamline roll-out.

Password management software IT operations can believe in

IT tools that are delivered as “black box” hardware appliances or require heavy professional services to deploy, maintain, and upgrade can create enormous resistance within IT Operations teams. When considering an enterprise password management system, IT teams need confidence in a highly-available solution that provides system access regardless of any disaster that may occur. Secret Server deploys on standard Microsoft infrastructure, including Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server. This makes for easy integration with existing High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) solutions, providing IT Operations with a solid, enterprise password management tool without the hassle of hardware appliances and a vendor’s professional services.

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