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Self Service Password Reset

Reduce Help Desk calls and improve security with Thycotic Self-Service Password Reset and AD Group Management

WHAT’s the challenge

Managing user password changes, forgotten password resets, and changes to Active Directory groups can be an extremely time-consuming task, especially with remote users. They take up valuable time that could be devoted to more important tasks.

WHY it’s important

Password resets require Help Desk resources on routine tasks, proving costly and inefficient for IT teams. AD group membership easily becomes out of date with changing employees, and burdens IT when department leaders often understand group membership best.

HOW we solve it

Thycotic provides help desk Self-Service Password Reset and Active Directory Group management solutions for Windows environments that save time and effort while promoting more secure passwords and AD group access.

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Self-service solutions empower your end-users and reduce your help desk costs

Staffing a help desk is a major expense, and can be a drain on resources if enterprises do not proactively use automation and self-service options. Costs are easy to calculate, but can quickly escalate when supporting the entire employee population, especially for repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Thycotic Self-Service Password Reset gives you an easy, affordable solution that enables users to quickly and easily reset passwords themselves. Thycotic Password Reset Server helps you to:

  • Enforce stronger and more secure end-user password controls, and it meets Section 508 compliance standards.
  • Free up your IT help desk staff from time-consuming and inefficient processes, and gets employees back to work without waiting on help desk staff.
  • Significantly improve your organization’s efficiency and bottom line at a very affordable price.

Reduce phone calls about access control and group administration too

Everything from email lists, SharePoint, file servers, 3rd party applications and custom in-house apps all depend on Active Directory groups to determine who gets access and what they can do. This centralized control streamlines the authorization process, but it also creates a bottleneck and stress on the IT team when all changes have to be performed by Active Directory administrators or help desk staff.

Thycotic Group Management Server empowers non-IT business managers to securely manage their department’s Active Directory Groups without assigning them a privileged account. It provides a simple web interface for business managers to manage their own AD groups – all actions are fully audited and controls can be added to ensure managers only have access to the groups that they need.

Using Group Management Server business department heads can easily manage their AD groups, ensuring the right people are included in their email groups, giving their staff the correct access to file systems. Group Management Server provides attestation of who has access to what, a major benefit in demonstrating proper governance and risk management.

  • Group Management Server simplifies administration, streamlines individual tasks, and brings AD Group management into a centralized, secure dashboard.
  • Eliminates the time your IT team has to spend on AD Group membership changes by allowing your end-users to make all changes within this fully audited tool.
  • Greatly improves your organization’s efficiency and bottom line at a very affordable price.