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Protect student data and safeguard your institution against malware attacks with Thycotic Privileged Account Security solutions

WHAT’s the challenge

The majority of university data breaches are caused by privileged data such as student records being stolen via hackers and malware, or student information unintentionally disclosed by staff.

WHY it’s important

Besides the damage to the educational institution’s reputation, according to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), “a student who believes his or her university has violated privacy could sue the institution for damages.”

HOW we solve it

Thycotic delivers comprehensive Privileged Account Management and Student Data Security solutions that protect privileged account passwords and lock down applications, endpoints and OS configurations.

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According to a recent EDUCAUSE report, the majority of university data breaches result from privileged data such as student records stolen via hackers and malware or unintentionally disclosed by staff.1 How do you stop this from happening? Enforce privileged access controls for internal staff and strong management of privileged credentials to prevent attacks from escalating in the network.

Fix your university’s biggest risk – secure your privileged accounts

When it comes to IT cyber security risk, “nonhuman” privileged account credentials are the #1 problem, and responsible for 62% of successful attacks.2 Without access to a privileged account, attackers can’t move laterally or escalate their attack in your network. As a higher education institution, you have limited budget to invest in student data security. Choose enterprise-class solutions that will close the most important security holes within your campus data centers and beyond.

The cost of a student data breach: Your institution can be sued if found responsible

According to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), “a student who believes his or her university has violated their privacy could sue the institution for damages.” Proactively securing privileged credentials can help you avoid a class action suit if a data breach was to occur, and document that appropriate security policies were followed.

The risk is everywhere

Privileged accounts exist all over your network. There are the usual suspects like Windows local admin, service accounts, UNIX root, and CISCO enable. Plus, there are privileged accounts in databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, etc.), SAP, firewalls, NAS devices, printers, hypervisors, and in the cloud. Even social platforms need to be considered security risks, as they control a mouthpiece of the institution, and have been prominent in recent attacks.

Thycotic Secret Server provides a privileged account security management system for universities and other higher education institutions looking to achieve FERPA compliance and avert the cost of a student data breach.

The Secret Server solution is absolutely at an enterprise level. It’s very lean. It’s very effective. It’s incredibly reliable! One of the benefits for me is that this is a security product that makes me not have to worry about security.

– Michael Somerville, Manager of Systems Support, University of San Diego

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Endpoint security for

Based on a recent IANS Research study, your chances of having a significant data breach in the next two years is 100%, but for that attack to be successful, the attacker will need privileged credentials.3

Least privilege is easier to enforce than you think

Thycotic privileged account endpoint security solutions help you lock down your desktops so that hackers cannot breach your network and escalate their use of privileged accounts to compromise the privacy of student data. By improving the privileged account management of your IT admins and end users with a least privilege strategy, you can drastically reduce the risk to your organization and your students. This strategy is much more attainable by automating application control, limiting local admin account privileges, and enhancing security across your educational institution.

Thycotic helps you lock down Windows applications, endpoints and OS configurations

Educational institutions today need to lockdown desktops that help stop malware and ransomware attacks that can have devastating and costly consequences. That means removing IT admin privileges from most users to lower risk, and limiting privileges for IT admins to improve security. The powerful combination of three solutions within Thycotic’s endpoint security solutions help ensure that you can stop malware attacks at the end-point to limit an attacker’s ability to move beyond their initial point of entry and access sensitive student data.

Stop exploits such as malware and ransomware at the endpoint

Thycotic provides comprehensive endpoint privilege management and security solutions that:

  • Assure least privilege application control.
  • Enable administrative user group management.
  • Deliver security compliance and automated remediation.
1 Just In Time Research: Data Breaches in Higher Education. November/December 2014. EDUCAUSE and Internet2.
2 Privileged Users and Data Breaches: A Match Made in Heaven? September 2014. Thycotic and IANS.
3 Privileged Users and Data Breaches: A Match Made in Heaven? September 2014. Thycotic and IANS.

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