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Protect student and parent data and personally identifiable
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Educational institutions have an obligation to protect financial and personal information.


Security defects in legacy systems and data misuse put schools at risk for a data breach.


Simple, policy-based controls let IT admins protect privileged accounts.

Privilege management is essential to cyber security

In large measure, how well data is protected is dependent on the security controls you have in place to manage privileged access. Inadequate security controls allow for insecure access and data sharing and open the door for cyber criminals and malicious insiders. If a cyber attack can gain access to one IT system, it may be able to exploit privileged credentials and connections between systems to move unhindered throughout your IT environment. Simple, scalable security controls help you manage privileges centrally and automatically while still allowing users to access the data they need.

Thycotic PAM security solutions can help your organization meet compliance requirements by implementing critical security controls across your university network.

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The IT resources of a typical higher education institution include a diverse array of systems used for coursework, enrollment management, financial aid, and other student services. The network is a patchwork of learning management systems, student information systems, ERPs, and CRMs, and some hosted locally, some in the cloud. Adding to the complexity, students, faculty, and parents access the sensitive, personal data housed by those systems via computers and mobile devices they own and manage.

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Audit and Compliance

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Where should Higher ED security leaders look for privilege security guidance?

Higher education institutions are subject to a myriad of laws and regulations that govern data privacy and security. Chief among these is the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect student records, HIPAA mandates for electronic personal health information, PCI requirements for credit card payments, and FISMA/NIST regulations when a university is conducting research funded by the federal government.

Institutions need to be aware of the specific compliance requirements of each of these regulations. Depending on the department within an institution, some regulations may receive more focus than others. All major compliance bodies that impact Higher Ed agree on one thing: protecting privileged credentials is essential to protecting sensitive data.

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