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Over 1 million financial records were breached in 2016 in the United States alone.

Thycotic helps financial institutions protect and secure access to customer data and financial records.

WHAT’s the challenge

Financial institutions are prime targets for nation-state and hacker exploits of consumer data. More than 60% of all breaches today involve compromised user and privileged account passwords.

WHY it’s important

As the industry standard, PCI-DSS has specific requirements around privileged and user account password policies and protections. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in a costly and embarrassing data breach as well as thousands of dollars in fines.

HOW we solve it

Thycotic delivers comprehensive Privileged Account Management solutions that secure privileged account passwords, and lock down applications, endpoints and OS configurations, helping to meet PCI regulations for 12 basic requirements that protect against credit card fraud.

See how Thycotic Privileged Account Management (PAM) security solutions help safeguard customer and financial transaction information while meeting PCI compliance requirements.

PCI DSS v3.2 Requirements Can Help Meet
Requirement 2: Do not use vendor supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters
Requirement 5: Protect all systems against malware and regularly update anti-virus software or programs
Requirement 6: Develop and maintain secure systems and applications
Requirement 7: Restrict access to cardholder data by business need to know
Requirement 8: Identify and authenticate access to system components
Requirement 10: Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data

Thycotic can help your organization meet PCI regulations, with a primary focus on PCI-DSS v3.2 requirements 2,5-8, and 10.

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Do you accept, store or transmit credit card data? Then you must meet DSS compliance requirements.

The PCI DSS regulation establishes 12 basic requirements and 200 sub-requirements to protect against credit card fraud. As the industry standard, PCI-DSS has specific requirements around privileged and user account password policies and protections.

  • Take a holistic approach to information security, to make compliance with requirements easier.
  • Ensure you are following the security requirements outlined in PCI DSS v3.2.
  • Understand which controls apply to your organization, and how to implement them.

By delivering comprehensive Privileged Access Management and Security solutions, Thycotic helps you:

  • Secure privileged account passwords
  • Lock down applications, endpoints and OS configurations
  • Demonstrate PCI-DSS compliance

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Thycotic Secret Server is easily installed and very user friendly for our system administrators. But the biggest reason I would recommend Thycotic is its support people.

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Case Study EdFinancial Services achieves NIST 800-53 compliance for Service Accounts

EdFinancial Services, LLC provides customer-driven student loan servicing. Keeping their commercial banking and federal clients in mind, they strive for continuous improvement, streamlining their current processes and always looking for new ways to improve operational efficiencies and corporate compliance.

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Privileged account credentials are a prime target of hackers, so it’s critical that you put password protection policies in place to prevent unauthorized access and demonstrate security compliance.

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Failure to Secure: The State of Privileged Account Management

Read the results of this Benchmark Global Survey that shows Privileged Account Management a top security priority but failing in enforcement.

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