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over 22 million US Government Personnel Records have been compromised

Thycotic helps federal agencies protect and secure access to government data, implement NIST controls, and meet FISMA compliance

WHAT’s the challenge?

Federal government agencies are being targeted by state-sponsored hacking and malware attacks with increasing frequency and effect. In 2015, two of the biggest data breaches of the year included the IRS and the US Office of Personnel Management.

WHY it’s important

After the theft of 22 million personnel files about government workers from the Office of Personnel Management (OMB), the government has increased efforts to implement stronger data safeguards including NIST controls and FISMA requirements.

HOW we solve it

Thycotic delivers comprehensive Privileged Account Management software solutions that protect agency data by securing privileged account passwords, and locking down applications, endpoints and OS configurations.

*According to article at Dark Reading

Thycotic Privileged Account Management (PAM) security solutions help safeguard agency data and personnel information through security controls that also help satisfy guidelines and compliance requirements for FISMA, NIST and ISO 27001.

Security Issue Best Practices Thycotic can help
Compliance Meet CNSS, OMB/FISMA and NIST requirements and guidelines for protecting privileged user account passwords and credentials.
Controls Enforce and support multiple top-level security layers including AES 256 encryption, two-factor authentication, 100-character passwords, custom workflow approvals, active session monitoring and SIEM integration.
Management Manage, create, share and automatically change privileged account passwords.
Controls Assign user permissions at any level.
Audit Track password use with audit reports showing access and requested access for every privileged account.
Alert Alert the team in real time when network passwords are changed. Create customized alerts for specific types of access.

Thycotic security solutions can help your federal agency meet compliance requirements
by implementing critical PAM security controls across your agency network.

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Overcoming the Insider Threat:
A government agency’s greatest security vulnerability

Learn the who, what, when, where, and why of insider threats including, how malicious insiders gain access to your “keys to the kingdom,” and how to protect critical government data from insider abuse.

The risk is everywhere

As government seeks to improve intra-agency and inter-agency collaboration, government agencies and offices are making a concerted effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their cyber security to combat emerging threats though greater compliance with FISMA requirements and NIST SP 800-53 controls.

Better management of privileged accounts and their elevated access has become a key component of federal government cyber security standards. These standards include ISO 27001 and NIST SP 800-53, Rev. 4 requirements that cover Access Control, Audit and Accountability, and Identification and Authentication control families.

FREE WHITEPAPER: “Mapping to ISO 27001 Controls: How Thycotic helps meet requirements”

Learn how Thycotic PAM solutions can help you meet ISO 27001 requirements outlined in Annex SL.

Solution Brief

“Thycotic Privileged Access Management for the Federal Government”

See how Thycotic can help government agencies address the key security controls needed to protect agency data.

White Paper

“Protecting the Federal Government from Insider Threats”

Learn how Thycotic PAM solutions help minimize and eliminate insider threats


“Protecting Department of Defense From
Insider Threats”

Learn how Thycotic PAM solutions helps watch privileged user accounts
across networks, systems, and devices.

Automated, secure management of privileged accounts a must for federal agencies

Thycotic Secret Server provides a privileged account management system for federal agencies and other government institutions looking to achieve FISMA and NIST compliance and prevent the loss of critical, classified information caused by a data breach.

  • Create, share, and automatically change enterprise passwords. Assign user permissions at any level, and track password usage with full audit reports. Organize secrets in intuitive nested folders and do it all through a simple, customizable dashboard.
  • Ensure multiple top-level security layers essential for agency-wide password management. With Secret Server, you get them all: AES 256 encryption, two-factor authentication, 100-character passwords, custom workflow approvals, active session monitoring, SIEM integration, and more.
  • Notify your team in real time when you change network passwords, craft your own Password Changers and customize alerts. Credentials are always up-to-date, and the team will be immediately alerted when an administrator changes a password.
  • Meet compliance mandates around agency privileged account password requirements.

Stop exploits such as malware and ransomware at the endpoint

Federal agencies today need to lockdown desktops that help stop malware and ransomware attacks that can have devastating and costly consequences. That means:

  • Removing IT admin privileges from most users to lower risk.
  • Limiting privileges for IT admins to improve security.

Thycotic Privilege Manager helps you ensure your local accounts follow a least privilege strategy – providing comprehensive endpoint privilege management and security solutions that:

  • Assure least privilege application control.
  • Enable administrative user group management.
  • Deliver security compliance and automated remediation.

Adhering to this Least Use Privilege strategy allows government agencies to mitigate the risk from over 90% of the Critical-rated vulnerabilities from Microsoft for Windows and reduce the ability for hackers to infiltrate and attack these target systems.

FREE PAM Security Policies Template
for Federal Government Agencies

Privileged account credentials are a prime target of hackers, so it’s critical that you put password protection policies in place to prevent unauthorized access to government data, and demonstrate security compliance.

Editable, easily customized Microsoft Word document

Thycotic software solutions automate security without requiring training or consulting

Secure Passwords and
Privileged Accounts with

Secret Server

Thycotic Secret Server gives you the simplest, easiest and most affordable way to discover, secure and manage privileged account passwords across your organization.

Protect Endpoints and
Control Access

Privilege Manager for Windows

Thycotic Privilege Manager for Windows protects endpoints from malware and enforce least privilege policies to shield applications and systems from malicious access.

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