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Automate privileged account password protection and control privilege on endpoints with Thycotic

Thycotic makes it easy, fast and affordable with Secret Server.

The report you get from the Free Privileged Account Discovery Tool gives you a comprehensive overview of all your privileged accounts—and highlights which ones are vulnerable.

Take the next step now, by downloading a free trial or purchasing Thycotic Secret Server.

What are the top 5 benefits you get by upgrading your Secret Server?

  1. Advanced functionality for better organizational security

  2. Reduced risk through robust privileged account management

  3. Automation of security processes for scalability and team efficiency

  4. Meet and enforce compliance mandates and industry best practices

  5. Integrated security solutions for stronger defense in depth

Here’s how Thycotic Secret Server helps protect those privileged accounts you’ve recently discovered:

  • Automatically imports discovered privileged accounts and stores account passwords in Secret Server’s vault

  • Changes passwords automatically and securely to meet compliance requirements and/or revoke a user’s access

  • Prevents unauthorized access by limiting users’ access to only those privileged accounts they need

  • Secures the use of privileged credentials, allowing admins do their work without even knowing the password they are using

  • Controls privilege with the UNIX Privilege Manager through customizable UNIX command allowlisting.

  • Limits Windows privilege on servers and workstations with the Application Control Solution, providing flexible application allowlisting, blacklisting, and real time assessment for unknown applications.

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