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Vulnerability Benchmark

Ever wondered how your current Privileged Account Password management and security practices compare with your fellow colleagues and peers?

Spend less than 10 minutes taking this groundbreaking online survey and here’s what you’ll find out:

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Get an immediate grade (A thru F) based on how well your own Privileged Password security practices match up against Privileged Account Management (PAM) best practices.

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Peer survey Results

Receive a follow up email that gives a Benchmark Results Report showing how your answers compare with your colleagues who have also taken the survey.

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Receive a free copy of the Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark Report when it’s published mid-year, highlighting the survey’s findings and giving recommendations to help improve Privileged Account Management and protection.

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Privileged Password
Vulnerability Benchmark

Developed with input from the PAM industry’s leading experts, the FREE Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark gives you an unprecedented opportunity to see how your Privileged Password practices compare to those of your peers.

“The number of breaches and major security incidents involving credentials, especially privileged credentials, is staggering. Organizations need to take stock of how well they’re managing access to systems and applications in their environments, and I highly recommend IT admins and security professionals spend 10 minutes taking this benchmark to find out.”

– Dave Shackleford, Founder of Voodoo Security

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