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Privileged Password Security Certification Training Course Description

Thycotic Academy’s Privileged Password Security Training Certification Course is a one-hour, completely private online course that teaches you the basics of privileged account management.

This course is intended for IT administrators, systems administrators, and security professionals responsible for protecting their organizations from common security threats.

You will learn what privileged accounts are, why they need extra security, and best practices on how to safeguard these important accounts according to the latest security standards. You will cover practical, hands-on guidelines on securing your privileged accounts:

  • How to lock down privileged accounts
  • How to set up strong authentication policies
  • How to store privileged accounts

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Lesson 1 - The importance of privileged account security
Lesson 1 - The importance of privileged account security | Quiz
Lesson 2 - Privileged Users
Privileged Password Security Training Certification

Privileged account discovery,
Provisioning & protection

Lock Symbol

Secret Server

Discover privileged accounts, vault credentials, govern service accounts, delegate access, monitor and record sessions.

Easiest to use and fastest to deploy enterprise-grade privileged access management & governance for organizations of all sizes, with on premise or cloud deployment.


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Privilege Manager

All-in-one solution for least privilege management, threat intelligence, and application control.

Seamless adoption for security teams, help desk support, and business users, because productivity is never impacted.

Access Control For Cloud Apps, Remote Workers, Databases

Cloud Symbol

Cloud Access Controller

Authentication, authorization, auditing for anytime, anywhere access to IaaS, SaaS Apps, Databases.

Easily grant and revoke access for remote workers and third parties without clients, agents, or VPNs, granular role-based access control, MFA, and session recording for IaaS platforms and SaaS Applications.

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