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Access Your PAM Policy Template Below

How to Use this Template to Create Your Own PAM Policy

  • Download the template
  • Open the template as a Microsoft Word document.
  • Remove the “About this Template” and “Customizing the Template” instructions and other author comments.
  • Replace the current logo and add your company logo in the upper left corner.
  • Replace “Company X” with the name of your organization throughout the document.
  • Update all of the company-specific contact information.
  • Update the effective date.
  • Revise any policy guideline to meet your organization’s policies.
  • Revise the Violations section to meet your organization’s policies.
  • Rename the document and save your changes.
  • Obtain your management and auditors’ approval of the completed policy.
  • Distribute the policy according to your management guidance.
Privileged Access Management Policy Template Cover

The only enterprise-grade PAM solution available both
in the cloud and on-premise

Discover, Manage, Provision, and Delegate Access To All Privileged Accounts from a Central Dashboard

Privileged Access

Discover, Vault

Secret Server

Secret Server

  • Secrets Management
  • Privileged Account Discovery
  • Privileged Session Management
Database Access Controller

Database Access

  • MFA for Database Access

Sensitive Code

Provision, Decommission

Account Lifecycle Manager

Account Lifecycle

  • Non-Human Account /
    Access Management
  • Service Account Governance
DevOps Secrets Vault

DevOps Secrets

  • High Velocity Secrets Management

Cloud Access

Authenticate, Audit

Cloud Access Controller

Cloud Access

  • IaaS & SaaS Apps
  • Granular Role Based Access Control
Remote Access Controller

Remote Access

  • Secure Browser Connection
  • Access Control for Remote Workers

Lock Down

Elevate, Enforce

Privilege Manager

Privilege Manager

  • Endpoint Privilege Elevation
  • Least Privilege Enforcement
  • Application Access Control

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