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Endpoint Application Discovery and Risk Assessment for Windows

Hackers are targeting applications on your endpoints.

Right now your users are running hundreds to thousands of applications that help with accessing emails, browsing the internet, running videos, listening to audio/music, and more.

But here’s the problem: hackers and cyber criminals know how to exploit vulnerabilities associated with some of these applications to easily access your core systems. 

No cost. No agents. No hassle.

Get Thycotic’s FREE Endpoint Application Discovery Tool for Windows and quickly identify the riskiest applications running in your environment:

  • Save hours of effort by discovering vulnerable applications and associated risks in minutes.
  • Get reports to help you evaluate the potential risk of applications running in your environment.
  • Gain a single, automated collection point for identifying vulnerable applications.
  • Our application discovery tool is free forever. You can re-run discovery at any time to identify risks and confirm compliance with security policies.

Your First Step: Download the Endpoint Application Discovery Tool

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See an example of what your Endpoint Application Discovery Tool report will look like.

Your Next Step:
Gain application control with Privilege Manager for Windows and Mac

Assess your risk with this Free Endpoint Application Discovery Tool and then protect your organization with application control from Thycotic Privilege Manager for Windows and Mac.

Privilege Manager offers a comprehensive application control solution that enables you to:

  • Discover and report applications installed on endpoints
  • Create polices for application control including whitelisting, blacklisting, and gray listing
  • Enforce least privilege policy without impacting productivity
  • Save time and reduce help desk calls

Try Privilege Manager Free for 30-days

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