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The world energy council noted a massive increase in successful cyber attacks in 2016

Thycotic protects energy and utility infrastructure from cyber attacks and threats by securing access to privileged accounts throughout the enterprise network.

WHAT’s the challenge

The energy/utilities sector has become a prime target for cybercriminals and nation-states. Critical infrastructure typically relies on weak or outdated access security controls.

WHY it’s important

Cyber criminals can use malware and IoT devices to gain unauthorized access and launch attacks against energy/utility networks. Resulting damages include power outages, stolen data/IP, destruction of assets and threats to human life.

HOW we solve it

Thycotic Secret Server protects and manages all administrative credentials including IoT devices, helping to ensure attackers can’t exploit access and escalate privileges.

*World Energy Perspectives 2016: the road to resilience, published by the World Energy Council

Cyber threats to the energy sector are now a core business risk

With the growing interconnection to the Internet, and the emergence of smart grids and smart devices, energy/utility networks have become a highly attractive target for cyber-attacks aimed at disrupting operations. These attacks can shut down infrastructure, trigger economic and financial disruptions, and even result in the loss of life or massive environmental damage.

Safeguarding privileged credentials & access must be a top priority

Thycotic’s cyber security solutions help energy and utility companies achieve compliance with NERC CIP requirements, as well as locking down IoT devices to protect critical infrastructure. By establishing strict access control requirements over utility generation and distribution systems, and protecting network assets from external cyber threats as well as malicious insiders, Thycotic provides energy and utility companies with easy to implement and manage Privileged Account Management tools.

Help meet NERC compliance requirements

Thycotic Privileged Account Management (PAM) solutions help energy companies meet the NERC compliance mandates for privileged access control, remote access management and access revocation.

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“Protect critical infrastructure, secure Industrial IOT and comply with NERC CIP”

Thycotic helps ensure secure access to privileged accounts applications, and IoT, to protect critical infrastructure

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Safeguard Energy/Utility Infrastructure with Thycotic’s in-depth solutions for cyber security.

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Protect your critical infrastructure with Thycotic Privileged Account Management solutions

Thycotic Secret Server delivers an end-to-end, automated Privileged Account Management protection that provides an additional layer of security to help control, monitor and secure critical energy and utility infrastructure.

Privileged Account Management for Energy & Utilities

Key benefits of Thycotic PAM Solutions for Energy / Utility Infrastructure

Help meet NERC CIP compliance requirements by ensuring only authorized access to privileged or shared accounts

Scan and discover privileged accounts and automatically apply password controls

Store privileged credentials in a centralized, secure vault.

Centrally enforce “least privilege” policies and access workflows

Secure remote access for IoT devices and third-party contractors

Audit and track privileged account access activity and generate status reports

Thycotic software solutions automate security without requiring training or consulting

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Privileged Accounts with

Secret Server

Thycotic Secret Server gives you the simplest, easiest and most affordable way to discover, secure and manage privileged account passwords across your organization.

Protect Endpoints and
Control Access

Privilege Manager

Thycotic Privilege Manager for Windows and Mac protects endpoints from malware and enforce least privilege policies to shield applications and systems from malicious access.

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