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Unix/Linux Privileged Access Management

Reduce the risk and complexity of managing a heterogeneous IT environment

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Unix/Linux privileged accounts are time-consuming and tedious to manage, so they often don’t get sufficient oversight.

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If cyber criminals access powerful Unix/Linux root accounts they can leverage super user privileges to wreak havoc.

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A layered approach to privileged access management (PAM) gives you centralized visibility and control to protect Unix/Linux accounts and credentials.

Ignoring Unix/Linux risk isn’t an option

Many organizations love Unix/Linux for its flexibility and open-source nature. Critical applications, such as web servers, database servers, and application servers, are often run on Unix. Linux is the go-to operating system for computer hardware and mainframes.

Security and operations teams, however, struggle to protect and manage the diverse universe of Unix/Linux accounts and credentials. As a result, they expose some of the most vulnerable and high-value targets to attack.

All Unix and Linux systems suffer from the same weak point – the root account, which provides “god-like” privileges. A super user has access to the operating system in an unrestricted form, and therefore has access to all commands, files, directories, and resources. A successful Unix attack could be catastrophic.

Comprehensive, enterprise PAM simplifies Unix/Linux protection

You can support the different user groups within your organization and manage Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux environments with an advanced PAM solution. A multi-layered approach to Unix/Linux privilege management increases efficiency and reduces security risk. Proactive management and ongoing reporting become a simple, repeatable process.

The first order of business for Unix protection is to get everything in one place

Every Unix/Linux server has a local database of users and groups. With multiple UIDs, PGIDs, GIDs, home directories, login shells, and passwords on each system, permission management can quickly become a complex and time-consuming task.

To manage Unix and Linux security in a sustainable way, you first need to unify accounts from multiple systems and directories. An Active Directory bridge extends Group Policy to non-Windows platforms. With a bridge, each user truly has one username, one ID, one password, one home directory, etc., so you can streamline credential management and ensure consistent security practices across all systems.

See how Thycotic Identity Bridge unifies local user data across all Unix/Linux systems.

A central PAM solution lets you authenticate users, assign privileges, and create an audit trail

By bringing Unix/Linux under a common PAM umbrella, you can centrally discover, rotate, expire, and disable credentials to prevent misuse and cyber attacks.

Advanced PAM controls, such as session monitoring and recording, provide oversight and simplify reporting and compliance. PAM systems designed with Unix security in mind log everything a user sees on the screen, including keystrokes they type, commands they execute, and actions the system performs.

See how Thycotic Secret Server helps you manage and audit Unix/Linux privileged accounts and credentials.

Unix/Linux privilege management enforces least privilege and controls what actions users can take

You can reduce the risk of privileged account abuse or accidental error by restricting Unix commands based on defined policies and limited super user permissions.

Command control allows admins to log in as root, but only gives them access to a set of predefined commands. For example, IT administrators might be able to restart a database and read log files, but not reset user passwords. Command control managed via a PAM platform replaces siloed Sudo commands with a scalable security solution that’s easy to manage and maintain.

See how command control in Thycotic Secret Server enables granular control of Unix/Linux root credentials.

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Identity Bridge

Utilize your existing directory service to manage identities regardless of platform and operating system.

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Secret Server

Discover privileged accounts, vault credentials, ensure password complexity, delegate access, and manage sessions.

Unix / Linux Discovery Tool

Free Unix Privileged Account Discovery Tool

Reduce privileged account risk in your Unix/Linux environment. Get a detailed report showing unsupported platforms, unexpected accounts, unmanaged passwords, and more.