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Zero Trust Privilege for Dummies

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Zero Trust Privilege for Dummies

Never trust. Always verify. Enforce least privilege.

Zero Trust Privilege: What is it and why you need it

Without securing privileged access across the board, your entire organization is at risk. A Zero Trust Privilege strategy has become a fundamental defense for organizations that realize all their users are at risk of credential compromise and privilege escalation by attackers.

Zero Trust Privilege for dummies explains how you can grant least privilege access by verifying who is requesting it, the context of the request, and the risks associated with access. This free 46-page eBook from ThycoticCentrify gives you a straightforward way to understand:

  • Zero Trust Privilege: what it is, why it’s needed, and its benefits
  • Real-world use cases for Zero Trust Privilege in organizations of all sizes and industries
  • How to assess your organization’s Zero Trust Privilege maturity level
  • Where to get started with your own Zero Trust Privilege strategy
  • Separating the myths from the realities of Zero Trust Privilege

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Least Privilege Cybersecurity for Dummies eBook Cover

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