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Switching to Windows 10

Thycotic Whitepaper

Boost Your Endpoint Security with a Least Privilege Strategy

Don’t Switch to Windows 10 Without an Endpoint Security Plan

Leverage Your Windows 10 Migration to Implement a Least Privilege Strategy

Security bulletins from Microsoft reveal a number of critical vulnerabilities discovered across new and old versions of Windows that allow malware to enter via user-controlled workstations. Cyber criminals are continuously evolving their strategies to exploit those vulnerabilities. Managing security patches and updating controls to block cyber-attacks requires Windows users to constantly play catch up.

As the primary way to protect your endpoints, Microsoft recommends adopting a policy of least privilege. If you have a comprehensive least privilege policy in place, even if cyber criminals successfully attack a user’s workstation, they won’t be able to leverage privileged credentials to expand their attack to the rest of your organization.

Plan your successful and secure Windows 10 migration

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how adopting a policy of endpoint least privilege can neutralize cyber threats. It outlines the options for implementing and enforcing least privilege, including using Microsoft’s built-in least privilege tools, and gives you the information you need to create an effective and sustainable endpoint security strategy.

Plan ahead to implement a least privilege model that’s easy for your organization to configure, manage, and adopt. Read the full whitepaper for details.

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