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Moving to Windows 10? Read This White Paper First

“Boost your endpoint security with a least privilege strategy”

Switch to Windows 10? Let's Boost your Endpoint Security and a Least Privilege Strategy

Moving to Windows 10 offers you an opportunity to adopt a policy of endpoint least privilege.

How? By taking advantage of new options for implementing least privilege, including some of Microsoft’s built-in tools. This free white paper gives you a digestible overview of what it takes to create the most effective and enforceable endpoint security strategy when moving to Windows 10.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • The limits of anti-virus protection when it comes to safeguarding endpoints
  • How removing admin rights from endpoints is critical, and why ensuring application control is a must
  • What you need to know about Windows DeviceGuard for least privilege
  • Why a holistic approach to privilege management is your best guarantee of success in delivering effective least privilege protection.

See how you can take advantage of this opportunity when migrating to Windows 10, saving yourself lots of time and effort while improving your endpoint security across the enterprise.

Download the White Paper Now

“Getting to Least Privilege on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016”

This training webinar shows you how you can implement least privilege on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 for both end-users and operator/first-level IT staff who really shouldn’t have full admin authority.

See how Privilege Manager’s workflow makes it easy to implement least privilege and application control.

Least Privilege Discovery Report

Looking to implement a least privilege strategy for your enterprise?  Here’s where you start!

Get this FREE Least Privilege Discovery Tool that will save you countless hours, helping you to:

  • Find out which endpoints and local users have admin rights.
  • Know what applications are in use and if they require admin rights to run.
  • Get a comprehensive Summary Report highlighting your risks for local and service accounts, and applications

There’s no cost, no agents, and no hassle to discover accounts with local admin privileges…