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Top actions to protect yourself online at work and at home

From the book – Cybersecurity for Dummies

Protecting computer systems against unauthorized access or attack is top of mind these days. Yet, most breaches in cybersecurity are the result of human errors or actions that often occur without people even being aware of what they have done.

Here’s what you can do now to help prevent cybersecurity breaches both at work and at home:

Download this free poster and distribute to all your employees, friends and family, as a helpful reminder to be on their guard when online.  It can be easily printed out for posting at a work desk or near a home computer.

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You can also share this new Free 24-page book, Cybersecurity for Dummies with your colleagues and employees.  Upon downloading the digital edition, you get the immediate option to access an email template with a prepopulated message. With a few clicks, you can customize the message and distribute the eBook to all your employees via email.

The book explains in simple terms how cybercriminals target their victims, what employees can do to reduce their risk, and how they can personally make it much more difficult for attackers to steal passwords, and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.