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Service Account Security for Dummies

Your guide to getting control of service account sprawl

See how to protect your service accounts
before it’s too late

While service accounts exist everywhere in IT environments, they typically are managed manually with little oversight and no accountability. That makes them a favorite target for cyber criminals and malicious insiders who can exploit them to roam your network undetected.

This free 16-page eBook helps you get control of service account sprawl and develop a strategy to properly protect service account access. You’ll learn about service account governance and day-to-day best practices, and the key criteria for managing them with automated cyber security tools.

Experts Guide to Advanced PAM Success

It’s the perfect starting point for you and your staff to:

  • Understand the role of service accounts and why they pose such big risks
  • Implement five critical best practices to control and secure service accounts
  • Assure success through automated governance

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Webinar: Top 10 Service Account Management Best Practices

Service accounts are everywhere, impacting hundreds or even thousands of services running across your network and accessing equal numbers of resources. Leaving them undetected and unmanaged is a huge risk. Here’s how to get them under control.

The Top Ten Service Account Management Best Practices
Thycotic’s Black Hat 2019 Hacker Survey Report

Free Black Hat 2019 Hacker Survey Report

Both hackers and security pros strongly agree that service accounts are an attractive target because hackers can easily elevate privileges and gain access to sensitive information. Yet one in three security pros say service account passwords are changed only after an incident or never rotated!

Get the full Black Hat 2019 Hacker Survey Report for key takeaways and recommendations.


“Privileged Access Governance”

Understand the shortfalls of IAM/IGA and SIEM tools to govern non-human service accounts and prevent insecure service account sprawl.

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Service Account Discovery Tool
for Windows

Service Account Discovery Tool for Windows, measures the state of privileged access entitlements in your Active Directory service accounts and exposes areas of highest concern in your attack surface.

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Introduction to Thycotic Secret Server – Privileged Account Management 101

Learn how Thycotic Secret Server automates the management and security of your enterprise privileged accounts from a single console, saving you time and money while reducing risk.

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Account Lifecycle Manager

Control service accounts with end-to-end governance, from discovery and provisioning through decommissioning.