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Privileged Account Management for Dummies | by Thycotic

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Get smart about your privileged account password security with this quick read.

Fast, easy read to get up to speed
on privileged account management and security basics

With so many recent high-profile breaches accomplished through the compromise of passwords on privileged accounts, it’s time all cyber security stakeholders got educated.

This free, 24-page book, Privileged Account Management for Dummies, gives you, your IT staff, and business stakeholders a practical understanding of privileged account management and its security implications.

  • What is a privileged account?
  • Where do privileged accounts reside throughout the IT environment?
  • How privileged accounts function?
  • What are the risks associated with privileged accounts?
  • How do I best protect privileged accounts from hackers and malicious insider threats?

Learn all this and a lot more.

Simple enough for beginners, smart enough for experts

Privileged Account Management for Dummies is written for IT and systems administrators, along with security professionals responsible for protecting your organization from security threats. It assumes a basic level of IT expertise and experience, but is also great for educating business users and others on the importance of privileged account security practices.

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Get the fastest-to-deploy, easiest-to-use privileged access and password management solution in this free edition that supports up to 10 users and protects up to 250 privileged account passwords.

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Thycotic has made it incredibly easy to discover all your privileged accounts and identify weak passwords across the enterprise.  Your next step is to be sure they are protected.

Thycotic’s Secret Server assures the protection of privileged accounts while being the fastest to deploy, easiest to use, and highly scalable enterprise-class solution offered at a competitive price.

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