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2018 VMworld Surver Report - IT Ops teams find complexity biggest obstacle to security tool effectiveness

2018 VMworld Survey Report

Easy Matters

We can’t afford to ignore what IT Ops teams are telling us!

See what IT Ops teams really think about the cyber security tools they must help manage every day.

In an industry-first, Thycotic conducted a global survey of attendees at the 2018 VMworld Conference in Las Vegas. The survey asked IT operations professionals about their experiences in actually using cyber security tools on a daily basis.

Here’s some highlights from the survey report:

  • 2 out of 3 IT Ops team members say complexity is the biggest obstacle to security tool effectiveness
  • Ease of use was listed as the most important attribute of a security tool
  • 25% say they don’t get any input into selecting the security tools they must use

Given the growing shortage of skilled cyber security staff, automated tools play an increasingly important role in securing organizations. But these security tools can only be effective if they are adopted and embraced by the people who must use them on a regular basis.

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2018 VMworld Survey Report: Complexity biggest obstacle to security tool effectiveness:”

Join Thycotic as we review the key takeaways from attendees at the 2018 VMworld conference, including:

  • Recommendations to avoid security tools that are complex to deploy and difficult to use by IT Ops teams.
  • Why Cybersecurity professionals should get input from IT Ops team users when making decisions about which tools to purchase and deploy.
  • The key selection criteria for to make PAM, Least Privilege and Application Control tools more effective.

Watch this webinar to learn more about why ease of use in cyber security tools is so important.


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