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Thycotic tops CyberArk
in Cyber Management Alliance
PAM Vendor Evaluation

New Report cites simplicity and ease of use as keys to successful Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Read this new report, “The CM-Alliance Leaderboard: Privileged Access Management Vendor Evaluation.”  You’ll see why Thycotic’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution has earned The Leader designation, ahead of CyberArk and all other contenders.

Evaluating PAM vendors, London-based Cyber Management Alliance highlights the importance of “product simplicity and ease of use” as key to implementing a successful PAM solution.

What do customers and product distributors value most in a PAM solution? Here’s what the new CM-Alliance report says:

  • A very short or zero learning curve.
  • Easy to use features and functionalities.
  • Solutions that can be configured, optimized and fine-tuned by the customer with little or no professional services input.

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Why Thycotic beats CyberArk and all the rest:

Our researchers were impressed with Thycotic’s enterprise class capabilities of scalability, flexibility and adaptability in one of the industry’s easiest to use and deploy products…The ability for existing staff resources to tweak and optimize the product offers significant cost benefits since Thycotic PAM solutions require little to no professional services for light-weight installations.

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The Complexity Crisis in Cybersecurity: Simplify or Die!

As cyberattacks go mainstream, a simplified approach to cybersecurity will become mandatory

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Setting up Privileged Account Management (PAM) should be your #1 priority for mitigating Information Security risks and improving cyber-attack resiliency. This requires understanding the challenges of Privileged Account Management and developing an action plan to protect your privileged password “keys to the kingdom.”  This whitepaper explains the challenges, and delivers an action plan that covers not only technical but also organizational tasks you need to consider in supporting the entire PAM life cycle.