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State of PAM 2016 Infographic

State of PAM Infographic - Privileged Account Management and Security by Thycotic

Here’s why Secret Server is your secret weapon to privileged account security

unknown-iconDiscover & Store Privileged Accounts

  • Easily detect all privileged accounts and store the passwords in our secure vault.
  • Accomplishes in minutes what would take countless IT hours.

unmanaged-iconManage & Audit Privileged Accounts

  • Automatic password rotation to manage the keys to the kingdom.
  • Alerts you to abnormal use of credentials.
  • Dramatically improves your security posture.
  • Facilitates adherence to compliance standards.

unprotected-iconMonitory & Control Privileged Accounts

  • Know how your privileged accounts are being used and deter abuse.
  • Provide full view to SOC with SIEM integration of privilege activities.
  • Non-repudiation evidence for auditors through active recording & monitoring.
  • Fastest to Deploy

  • Easiest to Use

  • Enterprise Class

  • More Affordable

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