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Co-sponsored by Thycotic and, this ground breaking Security Measurement Index benchmark survey shows you how your IT security effectiveness compares to best practices and those of your peers.

Based on ISO 27000 international standards and input from security professionals, the Security Measurement Index gives you an easy to understand benchmarking tool for assessing how your organization’s security measurement practices compare to those at other companies

Upon completing the online survey, you get:

  • An immediate grade (A through F) rating how well you measure your IT security efforts based on best practices.

  • A follow up email that includes a report on how your answers compare with your peers who have taken the survey.

  • An advance copy of the 2017 State of IT Security Measurement annual report.

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You won’t look at how to measure IT security the same way again

Use this benchmark to gauge the state of your IT security programs, as well as a reference guide for developing security measurement best practices that make your cyber security efforts more effective and efficient.

Join the hundreds of organizations globally taking this innovative survey and help our industry gain a valuable measure of IT security effectiveness.

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