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Risky Business!

Using Excel to Store Privileged Credential Passwords



of confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak/default/stolen passwords.

– 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to store privileged account passwords and share them among employees to get access to important and critical systems?

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Here’s why:

  • Excel was never intended to be a Password Management solution
  • Excel poses high risks for data loss, security updates and transportability

  • Excel lacks security for auditing, tracking usage and demonstrating compliance

And that’s only the beginning. Find out the rest of the story in our whitepaper ‘Top Reasons why using Excel to Store Privileged Credential Passwords Creates Needless Risk’ >>

This white paper will help you understand the risks associated with using an Excel ‘password sheet’ to store and manage passwords. It also describes an Excel alternative—a set of tools you can use to secure and automate password storage while preparing your incident response team in case of a password breach.

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Top Reasons Why Using Excel to Store Privileged Credential Passwords Creates Needless Risk

The white paper addresses:
• Excel as a password management solution – why it doesn’t work
• Excel security – which version is the riskiest for storing passwords
• The important security feature that Excel lacks

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Manage enterprise passwords safely, and automatically!

Using Excel to manage passwords? You’ve probably already been breached.
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You’ll learn how the entrenched habits of storing passwords in Excel pose a number of security risks and should be avoided at all costs. In fact, your systems may already have been breached with this practice and you don’t even know it. See how you can eliminate the risk and automate improved security of all your privileged credentials.


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As a purpose built, automated PAM security solution, Secret Server from Thycotic enables you to focus on IT and business priorities knowing that sensitive credentials and enterprise passwords are protected. Secret Server enables you to create, store, distribute, change and audit privileged account passwords in a secure environment. All at an affordable price.


Thycotic Secret Server

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Assures a fundamental security layer—managed from a single console—to protect against cyber-attacks that use privileged accounts to strike at the core of the enterprise. There’s no need to spend your IT budget dollars on expensive, complex, multi-module privileged account management solutions when you can get all-in-one, comprehensive security and management in one simple solution.

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