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Watch the Demo

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85% of breaches involve compromised endpoints.

They are the most common entry point for threats and your largest attack surface. Companies spend billions on cyber security, yet hackers and disgruntled employees continue breaching systems. Privilege Manager empowers you to implement a least privilege security posture and implement application control on endpoints minimizing risks caused by cyberattacks – without disrupting end-users.

In this demo, see how Privilege Manager lets you:

  • Deploy a Single Agent – Discover application usage with admin rights, even on non-domain machines.
  • Define Flexible Policies – Use allowing, denying, and restricting to determine trusted applications and processes.
  • Manage & Remove Local Admin Rights – Determine which accounts are members of any local group, including system administrators.
  • Elevate Applications – Allow trusted applications to run without entering admin credentials and block or sandbox others, all while maintaining a least privilege model.
  • Improve Productivity – Enable teams to automatically execute safe apps and block malware; help desk tickets decrease.
  • Demonstrate compliance – Get comprehensive reports that provide a rich set of auditing and compliance information regarding your least privilege implementation and application control policies.
Privilege Manager features in action

Only have 2 minutes? See how Privilege Manager’s workflow makes it easy to implement least privilege and application control.