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NIS Compliance Report

NIS Compliance and Privileged Access Management

How Thycotic Can Help

With every bit of our society becoming increasingly connected, our Critical Infrastructure is becoming more and more vulnerable to cyberattack. A sabotaged Critical Infrastructure network can result in genuine life or death situations if not they are not addressed, and the threat is very real.

Over the past few years we have seen a growing number of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure. Data released by IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services in August 2019 pointed to a 200%1 rise in attacks on critical infrastructure.

To address this growing threat to the essential services that we rely on day to day, the Network and Information Systems (NIS) directive was launched in Europe around the same time as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It’s goal; to enhance cybersecurity across the EU’s critical infrastructure.

NIS breaks down into four broad Control Objectives: Managing Security Risk, Protecting Against Cyber Attack, Detecting Cyber Security Events and Minimising the Effects of Cyber Security Incidents.

What you’ll learn…

This white paper will explain how Thycotic can help critical infrastructure organisations comply with NIS across its Control Objectives, including:

  • Governance – putting in place policies to govern network security
  • Asset management – discover and map all devices
  • Identity and access control – create policies and controls around who has access to what devices and what operations can be performed on devices
  • System security – enforce policy and detect violations
  • Security monitoring – identify and report on threats in real time

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