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Meet the refreshed New Zealand Cyber Security Strategy

Privileged account passwords are a hacker’s preferred target. Thycotic Privileged Account & Access Solutions help you enforce security policies to: protect privileged account passwords, demonstrate compliance with regulations, and establish least privilege access.

Thycotic Secret Server and Thycotic Privilege Manager provide the enterprise password and least privilege access management solutions that significantly improve your security posture.

Together they provide:

A comprehensive platform for proactive protection of privileged credentials; and target assets from cyber attacks with a new security layer that prevents the misuse of privileged accounts across your enterprise.

• Automatic identification and understanding of the scope of privileged account risk with privileged account discovery that helps visualize compliance gaps and security vulnerabilities.

• Continuous monitoring, recording and secure storage of privileged account activity, enabling you to meet your audit and compliance requirements.

Optimized privileged account security including robust segregation of duties, a secure proprietary communications protocol and military-grade encryption.

End-point security and application control for Windows and UNIX, while preventing privilege escalation by removing and/or limiting privileges for business users and IT admins without impacting productivity.

Scalable and flexible solutions that enable deployments in large-scale distributed environments.

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Keep critical, high-value assets safe with multi-layered privileged account protection.

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Protect your keys to the kingdom with the most powerful and widely adopted privileged access management security solution for the enterprise.

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