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Automating Privileged Account Management

The Top 5 Tasks to Automate for Privileged Account Management and Security

Automating repetitive, rote tasks is a key component of doing more with less for any IT Operations group.  And automating as many tasks as possible is the only way to keep up performance demands while meeting security requirements.

You can save yourself an incredible amount of time and effort by automating these top 5 tasks for Privileged Account Management (PAM).  This eBook demonstrates you how you can not only reduce the amount of work typically associated with PAM, but also significantly improve your security posture.

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See how you can automate Privileged Account Management tasks for:

  1. Account Discovery

  2. Changing Network Passwords

  3. Team Password Sharing

  4. SSH Key Management

  5. Compliance Reporting

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“Streamline Access with Secret Workflow Automation”

Controlling access to privileged accounts is a core security and compliance mandate. Move beyond permissions and learn about Thycotic Secret Server’s workflow automation to validate access and ensure compliance.


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Security tools don’t need to be cumbersome – they can be efficient and secure if done correctly. Thycotic has made this a major goal of their product strategy, thereby improving the admin’s job satisfaction and productivity. We believe Thycotic is one of the few companies to understand PAM is an elastic combination of seamless integration, simplicity, and automation that enhances compliance and security.

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Simply indispensable privileged account security from Thycotic Secret Server

Discover why more than 10,000 companies worldwide, including Fortune 500 enterprises, rely on  Thycotic Secret Server for Privileged Account Management and security.

Privileged Access Management

Icon Sercret Server Password Management Software

Secret Server
The easiest to use, most affordable, and widely adopted privileged access management (PAM) solution.

Enterprise-grade password security and privileged access management for organizations of all sizes and any type of deployment.

Least Privilege & Application Control


Privilege Manager
All-in-one solution for least privilege management, threat intelligence, and application whitelisting, greylisting, and blacklisting.

Seamless adoption for security teams, help desk support, and business users, because productivity is never impacted.

Privileged Account Incident Response


Privileged Behavior Analytics
Advanced analytics and machine learning that integrates with your privileged access management solution. Automatically identify and analyze suspicious behavior that indicates privileged account abuse.

Maintain business continuity with real-time alerts that support rapid, effective incident response to a privileged account breach.