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Invisible PAM - Balancing productivity and security behind the scenes

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Invisible PAM: Balancing Productivity and Security Behind the Scenes

Eliminate screen switching and workflow disruption

Reduce cyber fatigue and empower happy employees

Invisible PAM addresses the demand for usable security. Privileged users work securely within the same IT and business productivity systems they already know and use every day.

With native integrations, all privileged identities, roles, permissions, and activities are synched. Security policies are followed consistently, regardless of geography, business unit, or technology. In fact, invisible PAM can operate automatically without any human intervention, enabling interoperability and security access orchestration. Reward employees by moving passwords into the background.

Download the whitepaper and see how Thycotic is pioneering invisible PAM:

  • No need to learn new interfaces
  • No software installs
  • No wrestling with VPNs
  • No users storing passwords in their browser
  • No using vaults where passwords are copied and pasted
  • No users secretly using iCloud keychain or disconnected personal vaults
  • No SSH users making secret backdoors

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