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How Secure are your Endpoints | Protect Windows Machines


How Secure Are Your Endpoints?

An Ethical Hacker’s Guide to Protecting Windows Machines

To secure Windows endpoints against attack, it helps to think like a cyber criminal

Malicious hackers look for the cheapest, fastest, stealthiest way to achieve their goals. Windows endpoints provide many opportunities to gain entry to IT environments and access sensitive information.  

The ethical hacking community has created numerous tools and techniques to help organizations better secure their Windows environments. This eBook reveals them. 

You’ll learn strategies and resources ethical hackers use at each stage of an ethical hackArmed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to try your hand at an ethical hack to test your own organization’s defenses. Most importantly, you’ll also learn endpoint security strategies that block malicious hackers from reaching their goals. 

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Live Hack: Definitive Guide to Endpoint Security

Thursday, February 18, 2021 | 11:00 AM ET

Join Thycotic Advisory CISO Joseph Carson on Thursday, February 18, for an endpoint security webinar and see first-hand how a vulnerability is used to get to an endpoint. He’ll also show you how that same endpoint could be protected with an endpoint privilege management solution. Then, Joe will explain how you can expedite the process of protecting your endpoints by using an endpoint security strategy that includes least privilege and application control.

You will learn:

  • Why your endpoints are so attractive to malicious hackers
  • How to reduce the security risks associated with employee endpoints
  • What tools and techniques cyber criminals use to hack endpoints, such as the WannaCry vulnerability, WinPEAS, Metasploit, and Responder, and the paths they can take toward your enterprise infrastructure and data
  • How an endpoint privilege management strategy can help you lock-down endpoints to help protect from a breach


Joseph Carson, Thycotic

Joseph Carson

Chief Security Scientist