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Cyber Security Team's Guide to Balancing Productivity and Security

Global employee survey 2021

Cyber Security Team’s Guide: Balancing Risk, Security and Productivity

Remote workers are putting their organizations at risk to get the job done

New research report reveals how employees are handling cyber security risks

This latest global cyber security research from ThycoticCentrify takes a close look at the perceived cybersecurity employee risks, what barriers are keeping them from being productive while working remotely, and the security risks they are taking to get their jobs done.

Read this research report to gain a better understanding of the risky habits of your employees and how their behaviors compare with your industry peers around the world. Get a cyber security “reality check” that will give you insights into:

  • How employees understand cyber security risks and their impact
  • What risks they are taking in to accomplish their assigned tasks
  • What cyber security solutions your peers are deploying to manage remote workers

Key Takeaways from your cyber security peers across the globe

  1. Despite knowing the security dangers, 79% of employees still engage in risky behaviors
    The cyber security reality check is that employees do not believe they are a target for cyber criminals, or they are not important enough to worry about security risks, making them more likely to engage in risky behaviors.
  2. SMB’s are at higher risk over other organizations as they sacrifice security for productivity
    Smaller organisations are least likely to have received training in the last year and are least likely to have implemented protection such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) compared to larger organisations.
  3. Cyber security awareness among employees falls short with only 44% receiving training in the past year.
    Due to a major focus on phishing attacks as the main priority of cyber security awareness training, other threats are perceived as lower risk, contributing to riskier behaviors.

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See how countries differ in how they manage security for remote workers

To better understand how organizations and their employees manage security risks when working remotely, ThycoticCentrify conducted a global survey in partnership with SAPIO Research among 8,041 knowledge workers in 15 countries.

More than a third (35%) of respondents have saved passwords in their browser in the last year. Just 21% have done none of these things, indicating that 79% are engaged in risky behaviors.

2021 Global Cyber Security Report Results


Webinar: Global Research Results

Global Research Results: How working remotely has changed employee cyber security behavior

Thursday, July 29 | 10:00am ET

Your employees are often the first and  last line of defense against cyber criminals attacking your networks.  While your IT security team has established policies, processes, and technologies to protect your organization, it’s up to your employees to make it work effectively on a daily basis.