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How CISOs can win a seat at the table with The Board of Directors

Gartner names Privileged Account Management as the most important security initiative, out of ten top strategies.

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Up to 80% of breaches start with weak or stolen password credentials. Successful CISOs are implementing privileged access management solutions that improve password security while at the same time enhancing the productivity of all users.

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“How CISOs can win a seat with
The Board of Directors”

Cyber security threats are a major concern for Board of Directors which gives CISOs an opportunity to raise their visibility and influence at the highest levels. Find out what it takes to move beyond simply protecting information assets to a larger role in helping to grow your business.

In this Report:

  • What every CISO needs to know to gain more influence at the executive level
  • Gartner insights into Privileged Access Management (PAM) security priorities

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Need to prioritize your security strategies?

Read more about why Gartner ranks Privileged Account Management as the most important security initiative, plus nine more strategies ranked in order of impact.

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for Privileged Passwords

Privileged account credentials are a prime target of hackers, so it’s critical that you put password protection policies in place to prevent unauthorized access and demonstrate security compliance.

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Password Security Policy Template


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451 Research Report

With the ability to quickly spin up a new instance, Secret Server Cloud bolsters Thycotic’s reputation for ease of use and rapid deployment that resonates with many customers, particularly in the midmarket, but also for larger organizations.

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IDC Report - Can Security Make IT More Productive?

IDC Technology Spotlight

We believe Thycotic is one of the few companies to understand PAM is an elastic combination of seamless integration, simplicity, and automation that enhances compliance and security.

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Computing Security - Secret Server Review

computing security review

“Privileged accounts must be protected at all costs to avoid potentially disastrous data breaches. Secret Server is an ideal solution, as it provides a powerful set of tools for regulatory compliant password management”

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