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Secure Innovation Requires making DevOps Secrets Management Invisible

2021 Forrester survey report highlights DevOps security risks & solutions

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See how your peers are coping with the Security Innovation Paradox: How to innovate faster without sacrificing security

A newly commissioned survey and report from Forrester focuses on what IT security and business leaders consider their biggest DevOps security challenges and what it takes to resolve them. Key findings include:

  • Only 5% say that most of their development teams use the same secrets management processes and tools. Lack of secrets security standardization is increasing risks!
  • 57% report they experienced a security incident related to exposed secrets from insecure DevOps processes in the past two years
  • 71% of respondents want to centralize and 76% embed automated secrets management solutions into tools developers already use

Thycotic also received the highest possible score among the following criteria: PIM installed base, supporting products and services, and commercial model.

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Best Practices to Incorporate DevOps in Enterprise Security

A dream target area for cyber criminals, one that cannot be overlooked in an enterprise security strategy, is DevOps. Running the risk of not bringing DevOps into the security fold means that application development will be protected by only a loose patchwork of untrackable, unenforceable security practices. Cyber criminals thrive in loose patchworks.

In this blog post, you’ll learn common DevOps processes that invite cyber attacks, and best practices to reduce DevOps security risk with Privileged Access Management (PAM).

Thycotic provides web services to enable third-party developers to interact with our products in a developer-friendly way while maintaining security.

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Build custom workflows

Secret Server has both SOAP and REST web services APIs and can be integrated with your applications using any programming language, such as .NET, Java, Python, Ruby, and PowerShell.

Protect passwords in a centralized vault

Secure privileged accounts

You access the web service using SSL to ensure the communication channel is secure. Secret Server uses a token-based authentication mechanism.

Integrates with Active Directory

Implement an integration

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Thycotic’s DevOps Solutions Match Your Speed and Scale

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DevOps Secrets Vault

Secrets management for ephemeral
systems and high-speed processes.

  • Websites with many simultaneous transactions, microservices, virtual machines, and/or containers.
  • DevOps and cloud teams with environments for dev, test, staging, and production, and CI/CD toolsets.
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DevOps SDK Secret Server

Secrets management for predictable, permanent systems running scheduled reports.

  • Application-to-application connections.
  • Security scanners, finance reports, inventory systems.