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Election Protection Toolkit

Keep your campaign safe from hackers and cybercriminals for the upcoming mid-term elections!

Free Cybersecurity Election Protection Toolkit from Thycotic

This free “Election Protection” Toolkit from Thycotic is designed to help U.S. candidates secure their campaign confidential data from criminal hackers during the 2018 mid-term elections. It helps educate your staff and defend your campaign against the typical methods used by hackers such as cracking weak user passwords, getting unsuspecting users to download malware in phishing attacks, and stealing confidential communications.

Your Free Election Protection Toolkit includes:

  • Cybersecurity for Dummies Digital Version, offers an easy-to-read guide to better security practices for every staff member—including the candidate
  • Cybersecurity office poster template helps spread the word throughout campaign headquarters and remote offices
  • Incident Response Template tells what to do in case of a cybersecurity incident or breach
  • Plus, you can share links to online free tools such as:

Download your Free Election Protection Toolkit

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