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Cyber security professionals practicing double standard when it comes to reporting incidents / breaches

New report reveals contradictory expectations around how one should respond to incidents and breaches


of respondents wanted to be notified immediately if a company they worked with had experienced a breach.


of these same cyber security professionals would notify customers right away if their organization was breached.


of security experts admitted they had experienced a data breach and kept it a secret from the public or unsuspecting victims


are still not fully prepared to handle incidents and breaches

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“BREACHED! Implementing Incident Response for a Compromised Credential.”

See how you should respond to a compromised credential. Learn how to identify your privileged account weaknesses and create an automated approach to Privileged Access Management.

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“The Incident Response Plan – how to help your business survive a cyber-attack”

To be compliant with the EU GDPR you need to be going through a process classification of Personal Identifiable Information (PII), discovery and risk assessment among many other requirements. It’s equally important to be able to handle a data breach when it occurs.

Watch this webinar to learn what you need to be doing post Data Breach and survive a cyber-attack:

  • Quick Summary of EU GDPR
  • Data Breach Notification Requirements
  • What happens during a Data Breach?
  • Your Incident Response Plan