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Privileged Access Management Maturity Model

A four-phase roadmap for comprehensive PAM security

Prioritize cyber security resources and budget with the PAM Maturity Model

Thycotic has developed the first maturity model for PAM security, based on our work with 12,500+ PAM customers.

Whether you’re just starting with PAM or already a PAM expert, you can apply lessons from the PAM Maturity Model to systematically lower cyber security risk, increase business agility, and improve operational efficiency.

Pam Maturity Whitepaper for Cybersecurity

In this whitepaper you’ll learn:

  • The four phases of the PAM Maturity Model
  • How to build PAM into your cyber security strategy
  • How to assess where you place along the PAM maturity curve
  • Activities that accelerate your PAM journey and strengthen your security posture

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Privileged Access Management Maturity Model

PAM Maturity Model Diagram