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Incident Response Plan PDF

How To
Protect Privileged Accounts with an Incident Response Plan

Even the most sophisticated cyber security strategy is not foolproof.

You need to be ready for a cyber attack with a proactive, coordinated incident response plan.

Thycotic put together an incident response toolkit to help you prevent a cyber attack from turning into a cyber catastrophe. Download the latest whitepaper to learn:

  • Steps to take before an incident occurs to make sure people are prepared to act
  • Indicators of compromise that help you discover a cyber attack
  • Actions to take during each phase of a cyber incident to contain the damage
  • Strategies that help you continue normal business operations even while under attack

Use this resource to launch your own incident response strategy. With your incident response plan documented and tested, you can respond swiftly and effectively when a cyber attack occurs.

Download the Incident Response Whitepaper Now