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How CIS Critical Security Controls can help you ensure Privileged Account Management Security


Not all compliance mandates, such as FERPA, include clear or easy to follow advice for how to protect your digital data and meet regulatory requirements. And those mandates that do give specifics such as HIPAA or PCI, often overlap with each other.


The Center for Internet Security (CIS) has created a framework of Critical Security Controls to help your organization protect data and IT infrastructure.  These controls cover major areas of cyber security protection including safeguards for privileged accounts and access to your network systems.


This new guide from Thycotic shows you how privileged account management and access solutions map to Critical Security Controls categories, providing you with:

  • Checklist matrix you can use to build a strong and mature information security program
  • Solid cyber security foundation to kick start your compliance program

The Center for Internet Security, Inc. (CIS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying, developing, validating, promoting, and sustaining best practices in cyber security. This center is a collection of people and the organizations they work for, who share their knowledge on cyber-attacks and together develop controls and tools for combating these attacks. To learn more, go to

Quick, Fast, and Easy Ways to Optimize Your Privileged Password Management Practices

Join Thycotic product marketing manager RJ Gazarak as he demonstrates simple security practices that enable you to discover, secure, and manage your privileged account passwords—all automatically, with little or no maintenance.

See how Thycotic Privileged Account Password Security Solutions can help you

With privileged accounts a preferred target of hackers, Thycotic Secret Server and Privilege Manager software solutions help you enforce security policies for protecting privileged account passwords, demonstrate compliance with regulations, and establish least privilege access.

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