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Thycotic’s Black Hat 2019 Hacker Survey Report

Black Hat 2019 Hacker Survey Report

Hackers & Security Pros at Black Hat 2019:

Where They Agree and Where They Differ

Key Takeaways from the Black Hat 2019 Hacker Survey Report:

  • Get control of your service accounts or face serious consequences
  • Hackers don’t discriminate when targeting privileged accounts: on-premises, cloud and contractors all at risk
  • Security professionals and hackers need to close a “trust gap”

Thycotic surveyed nearly 300 attendees at Black Hat 2019 focusing on cyber security issues associated with privileged account access and credential governance, particularly for service accounts. This is a key focus area as Gartner has designated privileged access management a top security priority two years in a row. Responses were split between security professional defenders tasked with keeping systems secure, and hackers tasked with breaking into systems to identify weaknesses.

Where hackers and security pros strongly agree

Both hackers and security pros strongly agree that service accounts are an attractive target because hackers can easily elevate privileges and gain access to sensitive information.

Both hackers and security professionals are in near complete agreement on the best ways to protect a service account from compromise.

  1. Remove unnecessary service accounts
  2. Rotate credentials frequently
  3. Monitor all privileged account activity to detect suspicious behavior

Yet one in three security pros say service account passwords are changed only after an incident or never rotated!

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Black Hat 2019 Hacker Survey Report: Key Takeaways and Insights

Review highlights from the 2019 Black Hat conference in Las Vegas with Chief Cyber Security Scientist Joseph Carson as he shares his observations and insights, including results, key takeaways, and recommendations from our annual Black Hat 2019 Hacker Survey Report.

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“Privileged Access Governance”

Thycotic has developed one of the market’s first Privileged Access Governance solution. Thycotic’s Account Lifecycle Manager (ALM) enables IT Security professionals to manage the account life-cycle of privileged accounts, primarily the service accounts to offer better control of accounts and oversight into their use throughout their existence.”

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Service Account Risk Snapshot Sample Report

How well do you know your service accounts?

Thycotic’s free tool, Service Account Discovery Tool Windows, measures the state of privileged access entitlements in your Active Directory service accounts and exposes areas of highest concern in your attack surface:

  • Aged service accounts and passwords that may no longer be used
  • Expired service account passwords that require changing
  • Service accounts and passwords without expiration requirements
  • Services that share privileged credentials, violating least privilege policies

With this information, you can start to build a prioritized service account governance plan that lowers your risk and keeps you competitive and compliant.