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2017 Black Hat
Hacker Survey:

Fastest, easiest ways to get at your critical data? See what hackers say

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Thycotic’s survey of attendees at the 2017 Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas reveals what cybersecurity technologies hackers think are obsolete; plus, the easiest and fastest ways they use to get at your sensitive data.

  • 32% said accessing privileged accounts was their number one choice for the easiest and fastest way to hack systems
  • 27% say accessing user email accounts the easiest path to getting critical data
  • 73% say traditional perimeter security firewalls and antivirus are irrelevant or obsolete
  • 68% say multi-factor authentication or encryption are the biggest hacker obstacles

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Outdated, Ineffective and Expensive: Hackers rank the worst cybersecurity practices

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2017 Thycotic Black Hat Survey Results: Top takeaways from the attendees

Join Thycotic’s Chief Security Scientist as we cover the top takeaways from this years’ Black Hat conference and our just released Black Hat 2017 Attendee Survey Report.

These Black Hat survey results are a wakeup call for you to start:

  1. Educating all key stakeholders on the fundamentals of cyber security.
  2. Taking a people-centric approach to cyber security that prioritizes ease of use and less complexity.
  3. Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication for emails and all sensitive privileged accounts.
  4. Enabling encryption to protect user credentials and privacy.
  5. Automating the management and security of privileged accounts.

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