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State of PAM - Comply or Die

New report shows privileged credentials at risk even as compliance requirements increase

Most organizations are falling short due to inadequate policies, poorly executed processes, and insufficient controls.

  • 64% of companies fail to include privileged accounts and passwords in Access Control Policies
  • 73% fail to audit and remove test or modify default accounts before moving applications to production
  • 70% of organizations fail to fully discover privileged accounts—and 40% do nothing at all to identify privileged accounts
  • 55% fail to revoke access after an employee is terminated
  • 70% fail to limit third-party access to privileged accounts

View the Infographic: “Results from 2018 Global State of Privileged Access Management Risk & Compliance”

View infographic: State of Compliance

In this report you’ll find…

  1. Disturbing Survey Results
    60% of organizations must satisfy regulatory compliance requirements around privilege credential access but a staggering 70% could not pass an Access Controls audit!
  2. You are at Risk
    Non-compliance risks millions of dollars in regulatory fines, with business operations at higher risk of severe compromise or shutdown.
  3. Here’s what you can do 
    Recommendations for developing a Privilege Access Management lifecycle security program

Protecting access to privileged credentials is becoming a must have compliance requirement, yet most organizations fail to properly secure their “keys to the kingdom.”

Watch the Webinar
”Compliance & Privileged Account Management: How to Make a Perfect Match”

See how to match your compliance requirements with automated Privileged Account Management for:

  • Monitoring and managing Privileged Users
  • Protecting against Insider Threats with advanced behavior analytics
  • Streamlined reporting to help satisfy audit reviews

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