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Privileged Account Management and IT Security Resources:
We bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and security architects to address key challenges in
Privileged Account Management, IT security, and how to make the most out of using Thycotic solutions.
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Secret Server Free

Get the fastest to deploy, easiest to use privileged access password security solution in this free edition that supports up to 25 users and protects up to 250 privileged account passwords.

Totally Free!

FREE Security Policies Template for Privileged Passwords

Privileged account credentials are a prime target of hackers, so it’s critical that you put password protection policies in place to prevent unauthorized access and demonstrate security compliance.

FREE Privileged Account
Discovery Tool for Windows

At the click of a mouse, the Free Privileged Account Discovery Tool discovers your Windows privileged accounts and generates immediate, detailed reports.

Free Privileged Account
Discovery Tool for Unix

No cost, easy way to discover your vulnerable privileged accounts in unix

FREE Endpoint Application
Discovery Tool for Windows

At the click of a mouse, the Free Endpoint Application Discovery Tool finds applications running on your Windows endpoints and generates immediate, detailed reports on your level of risk for being compromised by an insecure application.

Free Browser Stored Password Discovery Tool

Quickly and easily identify risky storage of passwords in web browsers among your Active Directory users, including top 10 common machines with browser-stored passwords, and more.

FREE weak password Finder tool

Fast, free and easy way to discover weak passwords among Active Directory users across your organization. No cost, no agents and no hassle tool that identifies weak passwords and produces an executive report that highlights potential risks.

FREE Password Strength Checker

How strong are the passwords you are using? This Free online password checker lets you immediately determine the strength or weakness of any password in seconds.


Some terminology being used in the world of cyber security is just plain confusing. Like “identity and access management” and “privileged identity management.” Are they the same thing, or just similar? So, we decided to get to the bottom of it right here, right now.

Free Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark

Take this free Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark survey to assess your risk from a data breach that targets privileged account credentials. Compare your score with others to benchmark your security posture

Protect your privileged accounts automatically with this simply indispensable tool: Thycotic Secret Server

Thycotic has made it incredibly easy to discover and identify all of your privileged accounts. Your next step is to be sure they are protected. Thycotic’s Secret Server assures the protection of privileged accounts while being the fastest to deploy, easiest to use, and highly scalable enterprise-class solution offered at a competitive price.

Already securing privileged account access for more than 7,500 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 enterprises, Thycotic Secret Server is simply your best value for PAM (Privileged Access Management) protection.


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